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Hydrogen for President comic page 43

Hydrogen for President | Page 43

  Publish date: Aug 15, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Oxygen looks down and throws his hands up in defeat.]
Oxygen: Fine, Hydrogen, I’m sorry!

[Oxygen looks back up.]
Oxygen: I’m sorry for making fun of you for only having one proton!

[Oxygen sheepishly touches the back of his neck.]
Oxygen: I’m sorry for patting you on the head and calling you short-tempered and comparing you to Napoleon!

Oxygen: I’m sorry for implying you’d be a terrible politician and reminding you of all the waiters who gave you kids’ menus! I’m sorry for saying you play basketball with subatomic particles and use electron orbitals as inner tubes and quantum-tunnel through locked doors and get pulled around by the weak nuclear force! I’m sorry for referring to you as “Star-berry Shortcake” when you tried to get those desserts off the top shelf and accidentally knocked over the…
[Oxygen’s voice fades off at the bottom of the panel.]