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Hydrogen for President comic page 42

Hydrogen for President | Page 42

  Publish date: Aug 8, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Oxygen opens his palms toward Hydrogen, who crosses her arms over her chest.]
Oxygen: What’d you do then? How’d you get so many votes?!
Hydrogen: Not telling.

[Oxygen puts his hands in prayer position.]
Oxygen: Pleeeeeease, Hydro! How’d you do it? Tell me!
Hydrogen: Nuh-uh.

[Oxygen gets on his knees and clasps his hands together.]
Oxygen (shakily): Pretty pretty please with a proton on top!
Hydrogen: Fine, I’ll tell you, Oxy.
Hydrogen: But only if…

[Hydrogen points at Oxygen with a smug look on her face.]
Hydrogen: …you apologize for every time you’ve called me short.
[Oxygen jumps up and back.]
Oxygen (shouting): What?!