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Hydrogen for President comic page 1

Hydrogen for President | Page 1

  Publish date: Jan 3, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Mendelevium, Oxygen, Gold, Titanium

[The Academy 118 hallway. Oxygen waves to Titanium, who is carrying a barbell over one shoulder, while Gold admires himself in a hand mirror.]
Narration: We all know about Oxygen, the life-giving gas…
Narration: …or Gold, that handsome metal…
Narration: …or strong yet light Titanium.

[A busy cafeteria. Copper tweaks a robot arm, Silicon types on her laptop, and Mercury dances on a table while various other elements watch him.]
Narration: But every one of us elements, from the most popular gas to the most obscure metalloid…
Narration: …has a place in the universe and a story to tell.

[You are momentarily blinded by a lens flare as the Academy 118 dormitory, shaped like the periodic table, comes into view. In front of it are several bushes and a sign reading “Academy 118: Est. 1869.”]
Narration: So if you want to hear these stories…
Narration: …and you want your story to be heard…

[Hydrogen, revealed to be the narrator, is speaking into the P.A. system in Headmaster Mendelevium’s office.]
Hydrogen: …then elect me student council president, and I pledge to—
[The Headmaster, a bearded man in a brown suit, facepalms.]
Mendelevium: Hydrogen, those are not the morning announcements.