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Hydrogen for President comic page 29

Hydrogen for President | Page 29

  Publish date: May 9, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Plutonium, Uranium

[Uranium is a muscular boy with a yellow mohawk, olive skin, dark eyes, and a scar on his cheek. He wears a black tank top, grey cargo pants, and various arm tattoos. Plutonium is a skeletal boy with slicked-back black hair, pale skin, and eyes the colour of Cherenkov radiation. He wears a grey T-shirt with a yellow radioactive symbol, a black hoodie, ripped grey jeans, and spiked bracelets. Uranium and Plutonium are in a dark and ominous stairwell. Hydrogen faces them down as Plutonium waves his metal baseball bat in her face.]
Plutonium: And why should we vote for you, shrimp?
[Plutonium, as usual, speaks in a scratchy font on a black background.]
Hydrogen: Heh. You radioactives think you’re so tough?
Hydrogen: The world’s most devastating weapons are born not of plutonium, nor of uranium…
Hydrogen: …but of me, Hydrogen.

[Hydrogen stands in front of a celestial background as a yellow spark forms in her hands. She appears to be fusing hydrogen atoms.]
Hydrogen: My atom, in a fusion bomb, turns part its mass to energy.
Hydrogen: The force that powers the sun and stars, unleashed on Earth in all its fury.
Hydrogen: So vote for me…

[Hydrogen rises into the air and releases the spark, which explodes, scattering deadly cosmic rays. Plutonium and Uranium cower back, shielding their faces. Plutonium drops his bat.]
Plutonium: Aaaaaah! Okay, okay, we’ll vote for you!

[All of the previous panels are revealed to have been a dream. Hydrogen is sprawled out in front of the lockers with a bump on her head and bruises on her face, while Plutonium walks away.]
Hydrogen (thinking): I wish