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Hydrogen for President comic page 30

Hydrogen for President | Page 30

  Publish date: May 16, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Sodium, Lead, Titanium

[Sodium has short blond hair, tan skin, golden eyes, and a square head. He wears a white chef’s jacket and grey bandana. He is cooking something over a stove in the kitchen. Hydrogen runs up to him.]
Hydrogen: Sodium, will you vote for me?
Sodium: Nah, you don’t really give off that leader vibe.

[Lead is a large boy with short dark hair, pale skin, bluish eyes, and a round head. He wears a grey T-shirt. He is holding his bass guitar in the music studio. Hydrogen walks up to him.]
Hydrogen: Lead, will you vote for me?
Lead: You, midget? Heu heu heu heu, that’s funny, that’s funny.

[Titanium is a petite but muscular girl with long blond pigtails, pale skin, and grey eyes. She wears a tight grey jacket and sapphire hair accessories. She is lifting a dumbbell in the weight room. Hydrogen trudges up to her.]
Hydrogen: Titanium, will you vote for me?
Titanium: Wait. You’re in our grade?

[Hydrogen sits at her laptop and googles “how to increase your atomic weight.”]