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Hydrogen for President comic page 28

Hydrogen for President | Page 28

  Publish date: May 2, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Copper, Silicon

[Copper is a wire-thin girl with a long red braid, green highlights, coppery skin, and green eyes. She wears a sleeveless white blouse, copper bangles, and a turquoise brooch. Silicon has short brown pigtails, blue highlights, olive skin, brown eyes, and a boxy head. She wears a black T-shirt, a bluish jacket, and square glasses. Copper and Silicon are sitting at a table, working on their laptops. Copper’s laptop is connected to a piece of electronics. Hydrogen runs up to them.]
Hydrogen: Copper! Silicon! Will you vote for me to be president?

[Silicon, as always, speaks in a dark blue robotic font.]
Silicon: What will you do if you’re elected?
Hydrogen: I’ll expand the cafeteria menu!

[Silicon smiles.]
Silicon: Will you also give us chips, breadboards, and Raspberry Pis?
Hydrogen: Of course!
Hydrogen: They’ll be under the dessert section.

[Moments later, Hydrogen stalks away, dejected.]
Hydrogen (thinking): No votes from them or the rest of the Computer Club