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Hydrogen for President comic page 19

Hydrogen for President | Page 19

  Publish date: Feb 28, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Mercury, Arsenic

[Mercury is a gangly boy with flowing bluish hair, dark skin, and mismatched eyes. He wears a red crop top, black fur vest, black cowboy hat, and spiked bracelet. Arsenic is a handsome boy with dark brown hair, blond highlights, olive skin, and ice-blue eyes. He wears a black shirt, a grey tie, and black gloves. Mercury and Arsenic stand in the hallway, next to a door. Hydrogen runs up to them.]
Hydrogen: Mercury! Arsenic! Will you vote for me to be student council president?
Mercury: You’re running for president?

[Hydrogen proudly points at herself.]
Hydrogen: Yep! Someday I’ll be president of the country too!
Mercury: ***Real-***ly!

[Mercury leans down to pat Hydrogen on the head. Arsenic smirks.]
Mercury: Hope Congress has enough booster seats!

[Hydrogen storms away.]
Hydrogen (thinking): Toxic