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Hydrogen for President comic page 17

Hydrogen for President | Page 17

  Publish date: Feb 14, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Oxygen and Hydrogen sit at the table.]
Oxygen: What’s your platform then, Hydro?
[Hydrogen hands over a paper.]
Hydrogen: This! It’s full of realistic student benefits!

[Oxygen looks down at the paper, whose contents are displayed in the background.]

  1. Nonmetals in column 1 may hand in assignments late
  2. Elements with fewer than two protons may leave class at 1 PM
  3. Lighter-than-air gases whose names start with H may cut in line at the cafeteria

[Oxygen stares at Hydrogen disapprovingly.]
Oxygen: The only student this benefits is you.
Hydrogen: No! The last one also includes Helium!