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Hydrogen for President comic page 16

Hydrogen for President | Page 16

  Publish date: Feb 7, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Oxygen holds up a circular periodic table.]
Oxygen: How ‘bout this design?
Hydrogen: No.

[Oxygen holds up the Curled Ribbon periodic table.]
Oxygen: Or this?
Hydrogen: No, Oxygen.

[Oxygen holds up Mendeleev’s Flower, a 3D periodic table.]
Oxygen: Or this?
Hydrogen: Oxygen, they’re not gonna tear down and rebuild the entire dormitory! Find something else to campaign about!!

Caption: Two hours later
[Oxygen has a stack of periodic table designs in front of him. He takes the top one off to show Hydrogen.]
Oxygen: Or maybe—
Hydrogen: AAAAAAGH