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Carbon Copies comic page 5

Carbon Copies | Page 5

  Publish date: Oct 31, 2022
  Featured characters:Graphene

(Graphene stands in front of a bar chart displaying the ultimate tensile strengths (in MPa) of iron, titanium, and tungsten, which are 350, 370, and 620 respectively.)
Graphene: When it comes to raw strength, there is Iron…
Graphene: …there is Titanium…
Graphene: …there is Tungsten…

(A mini version of Graphene hits her bar on the chart as if it were a strength-testing machine at the fair, causing it to shoot up, hit the ceiling, then fall crumpled to the ground. It is revealed that graphene’s tensile strength is a whopping 130,000 MPa.)

Graphene: And then there is me, Graphene.