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Hydrogen for President comic page 40

Hydrogen for President | Page 40

  Publish date: Jul 25, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon

[Hydrogen runs towards Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, who are entering from the right.]
Hydrogen (shouting): Carbon! Nitrogen! Oxygen! We’re all on student council! Carbon: Really?

[Hydrogen’s friends gather around the cork board to look at the announcement.]
Carbon: Yay, I’m secretary!
Nitrogen: Cool, I’m treasurer.
Oxygen: Wait, I’m…vice-president?

[Oxygen’s eyes narrow. He takes a closer look at the announcement.]
Oxygen: Then who’s…

[Oxygen recoils back.]
Oxygen: —HYDROGEN?!
[Hydrogen lifts her chin triumphantly. Carbon and Nitrogen look towards her.]
Hydrogen: {Ahem} That’s President Hydrogen to you~!