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Hydrogen for President comic page 38

Hydrogen for President | Page 38

  Publish date: Jul 11, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Mendelevium, Nitrogen

[Headmaster Mendelevium picks up the ballot box from its desk. Hydrogen runs up to him.]
Hydrogen: Headmaster Mendelevium, when will the election results come out?
Mendelevium: When I finish tallying the votes.

Hydrogen: Can Professor Curium help tally them?
Mendelevium: No.

[Mendelevium walks away, holding the ballot box. Hydrogen tries to follow him.]
Hydrogen: How about Professor Einsteinium? Or Meitnerium, or Rutherfordium? It’ll go faster if they pitch in!
Mendelevium: Thank you for your suggestions, but I will be just fine.

[Hydrogen trudges back. Nitrogen is waiting for her.]
Nitrogen: You were just trying to get all our classes cancelled, weren’t you?
Hydrogen: Yeah