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Hydrogen for President comic page 24

Hydrogen for President | Page 24

  Publish date: Apr 4, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen

[Hydrogen holds the podium mic and begins her campaign speech.]
Hydrogen: Students of Academy 118…
Hydrogen: …have you ever noticed how unbalanced our house system is?

Hydrogen: The D-Block has Titanium, who wins all the athletic contests…
[An image of Titanium holding a barbell. Behind her is the periodic table d-block in house colour yellow, with the symbol “Ti” highlighted.]

Hydrogen: …the P-Block has Silicon, who wins all the academic contests…
[An image of Silicon holding her laptop. Behind her is the periodic table p-block in house colour blue, with the symbol “Si” highlighted.]

Hydrogen: …and the F-Block has Headmaster Mendelevium, who gives those hooligans more points than they deserve.
[An image of Mendelevium giving a thumbs-up while Uranium and Plutonium break things in the background. Behind them is the periodic table f-block in house colour green, with the symbol “Md” highlighted.]