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Hydrogen for President comic page 4

Hydrogen for President | Page 4

  Publish date: Jan 3, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon

[Hydrogen floats down a stairwell, holding “Vote for Hydro” posters.]
Hydrogen (thinking): Phew, I got a lot of campaigning to do…

Hydrogen (thinking): …but my best friends, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon, will help me!

[Hydrogen runs past the lockers.]
Hydrogen (thinking): They’re the most popular students at the Academy!
Hydrogen (thinking): If they back me up, my opponents won’t stand a chance!

[Hydrogen runs into her best friends.]
Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon: Hey everyone, wanna help me put these up?
[Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon are also holding election campaign posters.]