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Hydrogen for President comic page 2

Hydrogen for President | Page 2

  Publish date: Jan 3, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Hydrogen is a small girl with fluffy white hair, tan skin, and violet eyes. She is wearing a jean jacket over a yellow top, a white skirt, and star-shaped earrings. She stands in front of her element symbol, H.]
Hydrogen: Hi! I’m Hydrogen, element number one!

[An image of Hydrogen floating pops up.]
Hydrogen: I’m a lighter-than-air gas…
[An image of Hydrogen cheerleading pops up.]
Hydrogen: …captain of the cheer squad…

[The background is replaced by the letters “VOTE.”]
Hydrogen: …and candidate for student council president!
Hydrogen: Someday, I’ll be president of the entire country too!

[Hydrogen is so short, her face is cut off by the bottom of the panel. Oxygen pats her on the head.]
Oxygen: Suuuuure you will!
Hydrogen: Stop that