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Hydrogen for President comic page 15

Hydrogen for President | Page 15

  Publish date: Jan 31, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen

[Oxygen points to a diagram of the current dormitory, which is shaped like the standard periodic table.]
Oxygen: Right now the dorms are arranged in rows, one on top of the other.

[Oxygen points to a sparkling new diagram, shaped like Benfey’s spiral periodic table.]
Oxygen: But if we put them in a spiral on the ground floor, then everyone could get skylights!
Hydrogen: That’s the stupidest design I’ve ever seen!

[Oxygen puts a hand to his chin, considering Hydrogen’s remark.]
Oxygen: Hmm, you’re right.
Oxygen: If there’s only one floor, we can’t replace the stairs with waterslides.

[Oxygen points to the ADOMAH periodic table, which is very tall. There is a waterside coming from the top.]
Oxygen: Maybe if we did this…
[Hydrogen throws up her hands in frustration.]
Hydrogen: YAAAAGH