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Hydrogen for President comic page 11

Hydrogen for President | Page 11

  Publish date: Jan 3, 2022
  Featured characters:Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen

[Hydrogen and Oxygen stand in front of a wall. Oxygen puts up one of his campaign posters.]
Oxygen: Hydro, why do you want to be president so much anyway?

[Nitrogen enters from the left, putting up a poster as well.]
Nitrogen: It’s all part of her master plan to take over the Universe.
Hydrogen: What? No it’s not!

[The background is replaced by a starry night sky.]
Hydrogen: I don’t want to take over the Universe. Why would I want to take over the entire Universe?

[Hydrogen turns back towards the wall.]
Hydrogen: Just the country would suffice.
[Oxygen points at Hydrogen.]
Oxygen: AH-HA!