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Carbon Copies comic page 10

Carbon Copies | Page 10

  Publish date: Dec 5, 2022
  Featured characters:Carbon, Diamond

(Diamond opens the door to Carbon’s room.)
Carbon (from headspace): Well, I’m glad we got that sorted out in the end…
Carbon (from headspace): Why did you want to take over so badly, anyway?
Diamond: ‘Cause I was struck by inspiration!

(Diamond sits on Carbon’s floral-patterned bed and scribbles on her fashion sketchpad.)
Diamond: I haven’t had any good design ideas for weeks.
Diamond: But now…

(Diamond flourishes the sketchpad, on which she has drawn a dress covered in spiky pyramids. Lady Gaga would approve.)
Diamond (shouting): Behold! The crown jewel of my career!

(Carbon stares at Diamond’s design.)
Carbon (from headspace): It looks like a bunch of triangles.
Diamond: They’re tetrahedrons!